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Stick n Stay A pack of 30 pairs of Phonak Stick 'n Stay clear sticky pads, designed to comfortably hold hearing instruments in place.
The stickers are shaped to follow the contour of a BTE hearing aid or implant processor and are approx. 23mm long x 8mm wide.

One side attaches to the instrument and the other sticks comfortably to the child’s delicate skin. The stickers are bio-compatible, leaving no residue and can be easily applied and removed.

These pads come supplied in a pack of 30 pairs. Each pair is stuck to a backing card and is sealed in a sachet (to protect it from gathering dirt).

In the opinion of our testing panel, the Stick 'n Stay offer a good solution. Because they are already shaped and supplied in pairs, some users may find them more convenient than toupee tape. The pads are not designed to be re-usable.

For obvious hygiene reasons, this item cannot be returned for credit.

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