BSA Lunch & Learn eSeminar - Oct 2014



BSA Lunch & Learn eSeminar – Oct 2014

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The British Society of Audiology are pleased to introduce the next Lunch & Learn eSeminar. They are available free of charge and are provided in collaboration with Phonak iLearn. They are available from the date shown with email access to the speaker for questions for up to the following two weeks. They can also be accessed at a later date from the BSA and Phonak websites. Please request connection through Firewalls with your local IT department if this is your first eLearning experience.

Recorded at the BSA Conference 2014 at Keele University.


To watch the recording:

“Speech recognition and spatialization in complex listening environments: effects of hearing aids and processing”

 Todd A. Ricketts, Ph.D, CCC-A, is an associate professor at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson center for Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences and Director of the Dan Maddox Hearing Aid Research Laboratory. Prior to moving into the Vanderbilt position in 1999, Todd spent three years as an assistant professor at Purdue University. His current research interests are focused in amplification and microphone technology, as well as the relationship between laboratory and everyday benefit. Todd has published more than fifty scholarly articles and book chapters. To date he has presented over 100 scholarly papers/poster presentations, short courses, mini-seminars, and workshops to professional and scholarly conferences both nationally and internationally. He was also named a fellow of the American Speech Language Hearing Association in 2006. He continues to pursue a federally and industry funded research program studying the interaction between amplification technology, listening environment and individual differences as they impact benefit derived from hearing aids and cochlear implants. His current work includes examination of the viability of directional technology for school aged children, the relative benefits and limitations of manual switching, automatic switching and “asymmetric” microphone technology;the impact of extended high frequency bandwidth on user perceived sound quality as a function of hearing loss and the relative benefits and limitations of bilateral cochlear implants. He also serves as the chair of the Vanderbilt University Institutional Review Board: Behavioral Sciences Committee.



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