IMPORTANT: Scaling down production of the Nathos and Unitron range


We hope that you will already be aware that our newest and best ever technology available to the NHS; Nathos S+, Unitron Yuu 300 and our dedicated paediatric range - Sky Q became available on August 4th. The new Nathos S+ range is built on our Spice+ chipset, offering greatly improved sound quality for your patients as well as offering additional features and even better first acceptance rates. All this is housed in a device which is 30% smaller* and at the same price as our last generation Nathos range.

More and more departments are achieving great results fitting patients with Nathos S+ and Unitron Yuu 300. Naturally, we want all our Phonak-using Audiologists and their patients to be gaining the same improved results through our new range. It is therefore our intention to begin scaling down production of the last generation Nathos and Unitron range to a lower level, although production will still cover the on-going support of legacy patients.


CLICK HERE to read the full release and to view

the comparison chart of Nathos vs. Nathos S+


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