ComPilot / ComPilot II*

The Phonak ComPilot/II brings together the accessibility of wireless connectivity and introduces for the first time, spoken alerts, all in one simple, attractive device.

This multi-functional device, together with the Phonak TVLink S, turns a myriad of communication challenges into easily accessible listening delight.

Phonak ComPilot/II – The smart 3-in-1 accessory

The newest addition to the Phonak AccessLine, the multi-function Phonak ComPilot/II, is guaranteed to delight both you and your patients with:

  • Wireless connectivity with over 8 hours of streaming
  • Informational VoiceAlerts

Wireless connectivity with over 8 hours of streaming

ComPilot/II provides versatile, StereoSound Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players, phones or an FM system, to name but a few. Streaming time has increased to an amazing 8 hours or more of continuous, robust wireless transmission. The replaceable neckloop, now available in 2 lengths, means wearers will always have ComPilot/II right where they need it. It guarantees proper placement for stable streaming, best voice quality for phoning and keeps hands free. ComPilot/II is ideal for enjoyable phone conversations for all. To guarantee excellent sound quality for the call partner, ComPilot/II uniquely employs a dual microphone system, enhancing voice pickup, especially for calls in noisy environments. If the ComPilot/II is worn under clothing, there is also the option of an external microphone for improved call quality. ComPilot/II is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth enabled or adapted mobile and landline telephones.

When coupled with the Phonak TVLink S, the ComPilot/II offers an unrivalled listening experience. The extremely fast transmission from TV to hearing instruments combined with StereoSound provides excellent sound quality. Plus, true ‘plug & play’ and a one-step set-up mean that the TVLink S is ready to go in less than 60 seconds.

Informational VoiceAlerts

ComPilot/II is the first accessory to offer the benefit of spoken alerts, making it easier than ever for wearers to interact with their hearing systems. There are various types of VoiceAlerts which provide practical spoken information such as low battery warnings, input source selection and telephone caller name announcement. Uniquely, Caller Identification automatically announces the incoming caller’s name as it appears on the mobile phone display. If desired, VoiceAlerts can be configured during the fitting process to suit individual patient needs. ComPilot/II is the perfect companion, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts.


* ComPilot / ComPilot II is only compatible with the Nathos Auto, Sky V and Naida V hearing aids