DECT II Phone*

A cordless phone made especially for hearing aid wearers, the DECT II phone is a game changer!

The DECT II phone automatically connects to a hearing aid, streaming sound wirelessly directly into the ears, allowing phone conversations to be heard perfectly. This phone was made to be used with Phonak hearing aids.

Receiving the phone signal in both ears significantly improves speech intelligibility on the telephone, especially when background noise is present. Independent studies have shown that using the Phonak DECT II phone rather than a standard home phone, can improve speech understanding by over 40%.

The Phonak DECT II phone is perfect for use with all wireless Phonak hearing aids: plus, family members without a hearing loss, or with different hearing aids, can use it just like a regular home phone!

  • Automatically connects to your hearing aids with no set up required
  • Transmits sound to both your Phonak wireless compatible hearing aids simultaneously
  • A 25cm range between the phone and your ears mean you don’t even have to hold the phone up!
  • A volume booster setting if you use it without your hearing aids 


*DECT II is only compatible with the Nathos Auto, Sky V and Naida V hearing aids