Roger Design Integrated Receivers

These discreet Roger receivers perfectly complement the sleek contours of a Phonak hearing aid and are available in matching colours and tamperproof versions. There are also Roger design-integrated receivers compatible with selected cochlear implants (CIs) from Cochlear and Advanced Bionics.


Roger 10 – Nathos UP, Naida UP, Naida S UP, Nathos S+ UP                                 and Sky Q UP

Roger 11 – Naída Link UP, Nathos SP, Naida SP, Naida S SP,                                 Nathos S+ SP and Sky Q SP

Roger 15 – Naida S CRT, Nathos S+ Micro and Sky Q M13

Roger 18 – Sky V P, Sky V SP, Sky V RIC, Naida V SP, Nathos Auto M and Nathos Auto SP

Roger 19 – Sky V UP, Naida V UP and Nathos Auto UP