Roger Focus

A child’s ability to clearly hear the voices of parents, teachers and other caregivers is a key component of his or her learning and development.

Take school for example. The capacity of a young learner to focus on auditory stimuli such as the teacher’s voice is proven to be the most significant predictor of educational performance.

But this focusing isn’t always easy, especially for children affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD), auditory processing disorder (APD) or unilateral hearing loss (UHL). For these kids, paying attention can be a real challenge, especially when noise levels increase. Fortunately one type of technology has been proven to help. Roger Focus.

Wireless microphone and receiver systems such as Roger Focus cut through distracting background noise to bring the speaker’s words directly into a child’s ears. The result? Children with attention-related issues are able to hear and understand more, allowing them to engage more fully with learning and with life.