Roger MyLink

Roger MyLink is a universal inductive neckloop receiver that brings industry-leading speech-in-noise performance to any person with hearing loss.

Simply connect Roger MyLink with a Roger wireless microphone. Roger MyLink is compatible with all hearing instruments and cochlear implants that feature a T-Coil, including ITE and micro sized BTEs

What is Roger?

Roger is the new digital standard that bridges the understanding gap, in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener. 

Roger MyLink features

  • Additional adaptive gain
  • Effective stand-by mode
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Over 10 hours operating time
  • Headphone output
  • Check to read device data via Roger inspiro
  • Link quality measurement
Product Functions
  • On / off
  • Volume control
  • Detachable side of the neckloop
  • Fixed side of the neckloop
  • Indicator light (LED)
  • Charging socket
  • Headphone socket (2.5 mm)