Roger Soundfield

The ultimate in sound performance for the classroom

Roger Soundfield

For the best possible learning experience, children must be able to hear the teacher’s voice clearly in class. However, this can be a struggle, even for children with normal hearing. Factors such as classroom noise, distance between teacher and students, and challenging classroom acoustics can make understanding the teacher difficult.

In noisy classes a teacher may also have to raise their voice to be clearly heard. This can lead to deterioration in their vocal health and also influences their class management.

For children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and even for children with English as their second language, having a system which amplifies sound via a loudspeaker has been proven to enhance their listening and learning skills.[1]

With the best ever speech-in-noise performance and documented improvements for normal hearing children of up to 28% at 65 dBA of noise and 50% at 70 dBA over no Soundfield, Roger Dynamic SoundField is a class above the rest[2]

A Soundfield system consists of a wireless microphone and one or more loudspeakers to amplify the teacher’s voice around the class. As a result, students hear and understand the teacher’s directions more easily, which in turn leads to improved student performance and a happier, stronger voices teacher.

Hassle Free

Roger Dynamic Soundfield transmits sound digitally, automatically alternating frequencies in order to eliminate potential interference with existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks. The system continuously measures the room’s noise level and automatically optimises its own configuration, ensuring speech remains loud and clear. Plug in, turn on and teach.

Full Compatibility

The Roger Dynamic Soundfield is the only digital classroom solution designed to be used simultaneously with multiple microphones and personal Roger receivers without compromising performance for any child in the classroom.

The Right Speaker For Every Room

For regular-sized classrooms, the Roger DigiMaster 5000, fits the bill perfectly. The Roger DigiMaster 7000 can distribute sound over more than the double the area of one Roger DigiMaster 5000, perfect for larger classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums.


  • Unique line-source configuration featuring 12 high-quality loudspeakers for crystal-clear sound.
  • Wall mount and floor-stand options
  • Mini USB for downloading new features
  • Installation free – Simple set up, plug in, turn on and let the learning begin
  • Connect multimedia devices(TVs, MP3 Players, Laptops etc) to the Roger Multimedia Hub
  • One loudspeaker per class
  • Operates with Roger Microphones
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