Funding for Free Assistive Listening Devices

At times, your hearing aids or cochlear implants alone may not be enough to overcome loud background noise,
hearing in lectures, meetings at work or at family parties. There are accessories that enhance the performance of
your hearing aids or cochlear implants, allowing you to hear clearly in meetings, on the phone or in lectures.
There are three schemes that enable you to access these products through reimbursement channels.

To find out more about the different products, their functionalities and what product might work best for you read our short guide

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Find out more about the schemes below and see if you are entitled to a FREE assistive listening device.

Individuals who are working, or looking for employment opportunities, may be able to receive funding support. Find out more about the scheme here.

Students entering Further Education may be eligible to receive funding to enable them to receive Free Assistive Listening Devices.

Military Veterans who have acquired hearing loss may benefit from Assistive Listening Devices to help in noisy environments and over distance.


Self Funding

The above funding schemes enable specific groups to access this technology free of charge, or at a discounted rate. If you don’t match the criteria outlined on these pages, you are still able to purchase Assistive Listening Devices to enable you to benefit from optimal hearing.