Naida V

The Venture technology has now been further enhanced with the introduction of the powerful Naida V. This has enabled Phonak to create hearing aids that can provide more output and access to sound thanks to innovative features such as; more audibility of high-frequency sounds with SoundRecover2, up to 6dB more sound output, 60% more robust than previous Naida aids and all this housed in a casing 25% small than its predecessor.


SoundRecover2 is the world’s first adaptive frequency compression algorithm, taking the benefits of SoundRecover to the next level. This adaptive behaviour ensures that the lowering of high-frequency sound occurs only when needed. Therefore, sound quality of mid and low frequencies is maintained, while high frequency sounds are made audible. SoundRecover2 provides patients with severe to profound hearing loss a true listening experience with its ability to produce an optimal balance between high-frequency audibility and sound quality.


Anew way of digitising, sampling and fi ltering signals, boosts gain and output for loud broadband input signals – like speech – by up to 5 dB. Mid and loud incoming broadband signals are more audible without any distortion from peak clipping.

New battery

Naída V SP with a 13 battery size offers a comparable MPO as the Naída Q UP with a 675 battery size.

AutoSense OS

AutoSense OS is an operating system at the heart of the hearing aid that always selects the best settings to automatically maximise hearing performance. With over 200 distinct settings to draw
from, it accurately captures, analyses and blends sounds in real time to precisely match a patient’s hearing environment. AutoSense OS activates Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ to maximise speech intelligibility. Manual programs are also available for enhanced user control if desired.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology™

The greater the degree of hearing loss, the greater the challenge. For this reason Phonak offers the most advanced features based on our unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology. It streams the full audio bandwidth in real time and bi-directionally in both ears for improved sound quality and unmatched speech understanding.


*Only Available in the UP model