Nathos Auto

Our innovative and powerful Nathos Auto Portfolio provides a seamless listening experience and marks the beginning of a next generation of hearing solutions for the NHS. It reflects our mission to continuously challenge the limits of technology and provide innovative, unrivalled solutions to meet patients’ individual needs. This is where the signature operating system at the heart of the Venture platform, AutoSense OS, excels.

Powered by a state-of-the-art propriety chip which provides double the processing capacity of its predecessor, Phonak Nathos Auto allows patients to benefit from better all-around hearing performance in even more listening situations[1].

  1. ^Phonak internal validation study, results are based on a 16 hour day with a 312 battery.

Nathos Auto models


Running on AutoSense OS, Nathos Auto hearing aids recognise and automatically adapt to more of your patient’s listening situations then ever before. AutoSense OS accurately captures and analyses the sound environment and then precisely blends feature elements from multiple programs in real time to provide a seamless listening experience.

Tinnitus Balance noise generator

The Tinnitus Balance noise generator provides a means of sound enrichment which can be used as part of a tinnitus management program such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Music Program

Music needs different types of requirements to speech and it makes no sense to blend other programs and features. With Nathos Auto, music has its own program that allows the patient to hear with excellent sound quality.

Speech in Loud Noise

Zooms in on a single voice in a diffuse noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility. The program’s key feature. StereoZoom, now adapts to moving and asymmetric noise sources, improving speech intelligibility by up to 60%.[1]

  1. ^StereoZoom improved speech understanding even with open fittings. Phonak Field Study News, April 2011

Speech in 360

Reduces broadband noise in the car to create a stable listening environment for easy communication

Nathos Auto L-R Indicator

Phonak Autosense