Sky M

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Combining world’s first technological innovations and child-specific design to support children of all ages.

Sky Marvel provides everything that children with hearing loss need:

  • Clear, rich sound
  • Connects to smartphones, Roger™ mics and more
  • Rechargeable
  • Child-specific design


Clear, rich sound

AutoSense Sky OS is the world’s first operating system built specifically for children. It provides an optimal listening experience in situations like noisy classrooms and outdoor playgrounds. It also classifies streamed signals for clear, rich sound when streaming speech and optimizes sound when streaming music.


Connects to smartphones Roger mics and more

Sky Marvel connects directly to smartphones and Bluetooth® enabled devices. With RogerDirect™ it allows Roger microphones to stream directly to hearing aids without attaching an external receiver* allowing children to enjoy speech, music, TV and much more in stereo sound quality.



The rechargeable Sky M-PR combines high-performance hearing technology with groundbreaking lithium-ion batteries for a full day of hearing, including 10 hours of Roger or media streaming.


Child-specific design

  • Robust housing, water resistant and dust tight (IP68 rating*).
  • Tamperproof so that earhooks and batteries stay out of curious hands and mouths. Sealed rechargeable battery door ensures that nothing can be removed and swallowed.
  • Intuitive indicator light shows status and reassures that hearing aids are powered and functioning.

*The hearing aid can survive continuously in 1 meter of water for 60 minutes and 8 hours in a dust chamber per the IEC 60529 standard.

Sky M M, M PR & M SP

Available colours (click to select)

Sky M M, M PR & M SP

Available colours (click to select)


01 Beige

Sky M Models


Directional microphone technology is a proven method of effectively improving speech intelligibility in background noise. UltraZoom is the adaptive multi-channel beamforming technology, automatically available in AutoSense OS or in a manual program



As soon as the phone is held to the ear, the caller’s voice is automatically streamed to the other ear. Hearing the conversation in both ears results in superior sound quality and improved understanding.



The next generation of SoundRecover further improves speech audibility and utilizes an adaptive frequency lowering algorithm. Sound quality of mid and low frequencies are maintained while high frequency sounds  are made audible. This creates an optimal listening experience for more users than ever before.


User Preference Tuning

Remembers adjustments you make with FlexControl and FlexVolume and applies them automatically for a hearing aid more in tune with your preferences.


Real Ear Sound

When microphones are placed outside the pinna, natural front/back and vertical localization cues can be lost. Real Ear Sound, simulates the performance characteristics of the pinna to restore localization and the ability to experience natural sound perception.


Finetuning Channels

Precision by which clients’ hearing aid can be customized to their specific hearing needs.



WhistleBlock differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback. This means increased audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback.



Noise Block Processing is particularly effective at reducing uncomfortable environmental noise. It recognizes the subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds, removing noise while maintaining audibility.



WindBlock utilizes a wind identification and classification system. The powerful, adaptive algorithm automatically suppresses wind noise. It allows wearers to enjoy the outdoors without compromise.



EchoBlock improves listening experience in reverberant environments like large assembly halls, places of worship and rooms with reflective surfaces. EchoBlock is designed to  instantly remove the disturbing reflections of the reverberant sound to provide a natural, undistorted sound.



SoundRelax instantly and accurately identifies impulse sounds and applies gain reduction relative to the original peak signal characteristics without altering Maximum Power Output (MPO). SoundRelax is designed to cushion unpleasant impulse sounds while maintaining  speech clarity without causing  unnatural perception of other sounds.



One-touch controls two. The instantaneous broadband transfer of data between two instruments ensures that volume and program settings are always balanced and synchronized. One touch on the program selection button or volume control results in instant identical change in the other instrument.



A proprietary, multidimensional-weighted algorithm sets an ideal target “acoustic mass” for each vent. The sophisticated 3D modeling software generates an individualized vent. This unique Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV) value is coded into each instrument and used to optimize the fitting calculation. Occlusion can now be reduced to the lowest level possible. This exclusive Phonak innovation is available in the full range of custom products and styles. It is also available for BTE wearers with a SlimTip, SlimTip Soft, cShell, or xShell.


Auto Acclimatisation

Auto Acclimatization is used to automatically increase the client’s amplification, while the client is using the device. The starting level, speed of the acclimatization and the target level can easily be adjusted.


Environmental balance

Environmental balance is a volume modification capability in Phonak hearing aids that allows clients to adjust the volume of the streamed signal versus the surrounding environmental sounds by the press of the volume control. 


Roger and directional setting

Children have access to the proven benefits of directional microphones throughout their day when using Roger. In Phonak Target, the program ‘Roger + Mic’ offers a choice of three microphone modes; omnidirectional, Real Ear Sound and an automatically activated fixed directional