Adult Hearing Aids

At Phonak, we believe in changing lives and creating a world where “life is on” for everyone. This mission has driven us to develop the broadest portfolio of hearing solutions available. Suitable for virtually every client, no matter their age of degree of hearing loss, we offer a wide range of devices. Together, we can truly make a difference and change people’s lives.


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Nathos Nova

Based on leading hearing aid technology, Phonak Nathos Nova embodies a combination of key features that collectively function to keep your patients connected, communicating and in charge of their hearing.

Nathos Auto

The latest adult hearing aid available on the NHS, Nathos Auto uses AutoSense OS, the intelligent brain of the hearing aid, to automatically change programmes.

Nathos S+

Nathos S+ M - Glacier Ice Grey

An outstanding hearing aid for listening even in the quietest environments, Nathos S+ uses Zoom technology.

Naida B

When dedicated power hearing technology brings you closer, life is on

Naida V

Another hearing aid which offers AutoSense OS, Naida V is for patients with a Severe to Profound hearing loss.


A hearing aid for individuals who suffer from hearing loss in one ear, CROS II transmits audio signals from your ‘bad’ ear to your ‘good’ ear.

Naida Link

An integrated hearing solution designed to work with the AB Naida Cochlear Implant.

Naida Link CROS

A solution for unilateral cochlear implant patients to hear confidently in all situations.